Hunting for Search Results

Many times businesses need SEO to get them ranking in the search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO), can expand a company’s online presence, attract fresh customers or clients, and increase revenue.

SEO Services

When an SEO agency or firm says they can guarantee you results, don’t believe them. The truth is, nobody can guarantee you anything when it comes to ranking a website and keeping it sticking to the top of page 1. That’s because nobody can predict the next algorithm Google decides to create. Getting a website to show up at the top of the search results is all about having a site that proves to Google not only can it be trusted, but hat the content is relevant to the “query” or keyword being searched.



Authority: Your site through the eyes of Google.

Basically, websites are ranked by their authority. Authority is determined by the power of the backlinks coming to a site. It’s not always about the number of backlinks, but how important those links are. For example, a website that has a link from both CNN and Huffington Post, would carry more power or “link juice”, then 100 links from unknown sites that have no authority whatsoever.


Having the proper knowledge and understanding of a proper link building campaign can greatly increase your business’ organic search results and increase your customers and leads. If you are looking for a good SEO company in Tampa I found Grow SEO can provide you with some amazing results to increase your revenue.